Peaches Preaches: Dating in the Climbing World

Peaches Preaches: Dating in the Climbing World

From personal experience, here are a myriad of reasons to keep a distance from male climbers. Disclaimer: Guys who climb are generally extremely good-looking, very easy-going, and super intelligent. This article would not be written today without their exceptional presence. Also, the writer of this article would not be here today without their support, belays, and soft catches. That being said, here is the gist of it:. Guys who climb will forever be obsessed with rocks. No matter how hard they try, you will always feel second best. Chances are that for your birthday, for example, he will give you a rock like a piece of sandstone or granite.

Don’t date a guy who climbs

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If that makes any sense. But then of course, you get all those sunsets and sunrises together, and maybe you get to hold hands during that last wide part of the trail walking to the car, and instead of sitting on a rock somewhere looking over an alpine lake wondering about girls, you get to sit on that same rock with a girl and talk to her about hip hop and books and what she was like in high school and all that. I mean, I want to open doors for a girl. But it begins to get fuzzy at the trailhead.

Take the tent, or the stove and fuel and pots. If I am cooking us dinner over a camp stove, you are setting up the tent, or vice versa. My friend Teresa went on a couple dates with this guy in Seattle, and thought it was going pretty well. The third date, she invited him over to barbecue, and they met at a grocery store to pick up a couple things before riding to her house.

Which, at the time was at the top of 8 th Avenue, a block steadily uphill ride into a headwind. He had told her he did some cycling, and had finished a handful of races and road rides. So she was surprised when he stayed behind her for the entire ride up the hill. Into a headwind. The entire ride.

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A climbing gym date is a perfect option for mixing up your dating game and standing out from the crowd of other potential suitors. Climbing is a fun and exciting experience for most people, and if your date has never been to a climbing gym before this will be an incredibly memorable event for them. For climbers, a gym date is a great way to showcase athleticism in your natural environment. For non-climbers, a gym date is a fantastic way to goof around and try something new, all while getting to know your new romantic interest.

Regardless of your motivations or experience level, there are a few things for you to consider before taking your new love to a climbing gym. For example, you might discover they have a pre-existing hand injury that prevents them from climbing, or they might suffer from an insurmountable fear of heights that keeps them on the ground.

Just bring something to quickly change into so that you can transition to the next part of your date. If you usually climb 5. The climbing gym date is supposed to be fun. Your love interest is going to appreciate it if you forgo bragging about your superb climbing skills.

What to do if You’re Going Bouldering for a Date

When two people start climbing together they learn a lot about how each communicates and deals for stressors. The more I find climb, the more I see parallels between the rock climbing world and the dating world. These essential lessons of rock climbing carry over as six little rules of dating.

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Dirty hair, crumpled shirt, and that musky smell of sweat after a climb are pretty standard. They can clean up really well if the situation required. You just need to be prepared for unique personality traits that tend to be common among the bunch. You might want to get used to spending more of your free time on the road since most climbers have challenges to conquer in far and remote destinations.

A dedicated climber who spent 15 years living out of caves, tents, and then a Saturn station wagon to Dating Rock Climbing Gym Couple.

So, is bouldering a good activity for a date? Bouldering is a great activity to find out the personality traits of a person because it shows how they react to challenges. Are they a confident climber, or will they approach the wall with caution? What they do after they fail at sending a route will also show you parts of their personality too. Do they give up easily and act childish about their failure, or do they pick themselves up and try again? Are you fine with your date making jokes about your climbing style or the way you approach failure?

This all comes with bouldering. Bouldering is also quite cheap, cheaper than your average dinner date anyway. Did that put you off or not? Try to help them or get them to help you. Encourage team work in the routes you both climb.

The Rules For Dating A Dirtbag

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From Yosemite to Thailand, climbers have a list of spots they want to conquer. And the areas that host some of the best climbs are dripping with scenic views. You’ll love to take a trip to any of their wish-list climbing destinations. They work well with others. An important part of climbing is having a trustworthy climbing partner. This goes both ways, meaning your date knows how to rely on others, but also what it means for someone to depend on them. They know what it is to work as a team and to be there for another person.

Climbers can’t afford to have extra body fat. They need to stay fit and lean to use their body to its full potential. Though holding hands may be a bit intense, just know those strong fingers are sure to hold on tight. Skip to main content. Climbyclaudie – on 03 Jan You should try climbing, even a bit, maybe a hill walk. If you like it continue, if not be honest, say you hate it.

Ultimate Dates: Rock Climbing!

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